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At Ashlinc Digital, we service a diverse range of industries: lifestyle, e-commerce, health and wellness, finance, IT, mining and construction, energy.

Our speciality is helping small to medium-sized businesses and e-commerce stores bring their stories to life online, generate leads and showcase their brands.

Small businesses with marketing needs

From little things, big things grow. Nothing is more rewarding than helping a small business successfully kick-start their marketing journey.

I’ve launched new websites, email marketing campaigns and created social media strategies for businesses who are too busy to do their own digital marketing, or at the stage where they are ready to hand it over to a professional.

I’ve rewritten web content for well-established businesses who need to rank better on Google.

E-commerce stores for copywriting and digital marketing

I have a love-love relationship with e-commerce. Maybe it’s become I’m someone who would much rather research and shop online than change out of my pjs and leave the house. So, I get the mentality of customers who shop online (which is pretty much everyone since COVID hit). 

I get a kick out of writing killer web content, product descriptions and email marketing campaigns that are on brand and hit the right notes with customers, so they take action.

Mid-sized businesses, large corporates, agencies and government

Having sat on this side of the table for a long time, I know how busy marketing professionals get. Sometimes you just need to outsource work to someone who can understand a brief and hand back quality content that ticks all your boxes.

Industries we work with

The beauty of being a contractor is that you get to experience many, many industries. Here’s some I’ve written for, either as an in-house marketing employee, contractor or freelancer.

What location do we service

Ashlinc Digital is predominately an online business, so there is no limit to the locations we can service.  While we’re proudly Australian-owned and operated, we’ve created copy for very happy clients in the United States, Canada and Europe.  Find out more about our core values.

If you’re based in Brisbane and would prefer to meet up in person, Linda can arrange a face-to-face catch-up with you.



Find out more about our services, or contact us if you’re ready to get started.

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